I never watch the Pro Bowl, which is good, because no one really plays in it anyway.  This year was even worse, when the majority of the players who were actually voted into it managed to get out of it.  In addition, players from the two Super Bowl teams- the teams you expect to have the best players, right?- are excused.  How is this any good?  It’s not a representation of the best players in the NFL, it’s not a good game, it’s not worth anything.  At least Senior Bowl means something to the players involved.  The Pro Bowl doesn’t mean anything to the fans, the players or the coaches.  Just release the names of the players who made it, give them 20 grand and a week in Hawaii.  That’s basically what they get anyway.  Or make it a punt, pass and kick competition.  I might watch that.

Please stop pretending it means anything to anyone.  Just cut your losses and move on.