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Wild Card Weekend Thoughts

Here are my knee-jerk observations from a great first week of the playoffs:

  • One of the best seasons of football I’ve seen.  It had tons of ups and downs, and no clear-cut ‘best team in the NFL’.  Ok, on to the actual playoffs:
  • Awesome job by the Seahawks of showing that they deserved to be there.  I think that’s a universal opinion at this point, but still.  The real trick will be going out and winning in a much more competitive NFC West next season.
  • What the heck, New Orleans?  I expected much more out of their defense after a fantastic regular season, that was a much underrated improvement over their super bowl squad of a year ago.  They didn’t do enough to keep their offense in it, and the amazing Lynch run only punctuated that.
  • The Chiefs showed they- not the Seahawks- are the worst team to make the playoffs.  Overall, the AFC West was as unimpressive as their NFC counterparts, but it was more competitive, so that got lost.  The Chargers have been overrated for years, and the Chiefs picked up the pieces.  Don’t mistake them for a bad team, though.  Pioli and Haley are building a long term winner.
  • The Ravens need to make up their mind before that planes lands back in Baltimore if they are a good football team or not.  The team we saw today is, but that’s not the team we’ve seen all year.  They need to bring that a week from now to stand a chance against the Steelers.
  • The Packers can run the ball.  Watch out, Falcons.
  • The Colts were doomed from the start.  They might have won against the Jets, but they weren’t headed to the Super Bowl.  Too many injuries, and it showed.  It will be very interesting to see what happens with this team, and if the wheels start to come off.
  • The Jets/Pats rematch will get a lot of hype, and rightly so.  It could go either way, and most likely will be a lot of fun to watch.  It could also be a blowout, but hey, I’m optimistic.
  • The Eagles have a lot to address.  They have issues to address on the defensive side of the ball, and while they got lucky with their QB situation this year, they won’t two years in a row.  This will be two years in a row a QB is traded out of Philly, and that won’t be a bad thing for them, unless the one they keep gets hurt (or in trouble).
  • Along those lines, Vick fell back to earth, and no one should be surprised.  I will be the first to say he had a hell of season, and is better than he ever was, but as nearly always happens after a few games of a new QB, teams figure out how to beat him.  The new and improved Vick will need to study and practice hard this offseason in order to be equally potent next year.



Hello, all, and welcome to First and Fifteen, a blog about all things football!  The middle of the playoffs might seem like an odd time to get started, but hey, why not?  We’ll be here through the rest of the playoffs and the offseason with observations, analysis and opinions.  Hopefully you enjoy the ride!