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Fast Fifteen: Wide Receivers

Welcome to the First and Fifteen Fast Fifteen.  It will take in various things as the offseason and (hopefully) subsequent season roll on.  The first series will focus on five teams with the best and worst situations at each position group, plus five that could break either way.  Today we’ll take a look at the best and worst receiving corps in the NFL.  Note that this takes in tight ends, running backs and wide receivers.

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Season Review: The last few seasons have been an up-and-down affair for Miami.  A year after winning a single game, they made the playoffs.  Last year was something of a disappointment, as they struggled to keep up with the sheer firepower of the Jets and Patriots.  In one of the more bizarre twists of any NFL season, their lone home win came against the Titans, while they came close to defeating some very good teams, both home and on the road.  The up and down season ended with questions about if Tony Sparano would return, which he will, but only after the Dolphins lost out on Jim Harbaugh.  If this team can hold it together, they are pices away.  Otherwise, they have the potential to make a return to the top of the draft.

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It’s First and Fifteen…

Hello, all, and welcome to First and Fifteen, a blog about all things football!  The middle of the playoffs might seem like an odd time to get started, but hey, why not?  We’ll be here through the rest of the playoffs and the offseason with observations, analysis and opinions.  Hopefully you enjoy the ride!