Season Review: As previously mentioned, I love the Washington Redskins.  Which, of course, means I hate Dan Snyder.  Actually, I don’t think hate even begins to cover it.  I hate mushrooms, lite beer and  people who drive to slow in the left lane.  Dan Snyder I want locked in a room with a TV that shows nothing but the last year of Redskins games on a loop.  The way that man- and I use the term loosely- has screwed every facet of this franchise is amazing.  I honestly believe Snyder is a huge Giants, Eagles or Cowboys fan and the only way he can help that team is by destroying a division rival.  So the season review is: There was a new coach who used to be good.  He sucks.  Overpriced free agents did not work out.  The ‘Skins are picking in the top 10.

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