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Season Review: The Chargers have a hump to get over, and it has nothing to do with talent on the field.  AJ Smith’s roster and player mis-management has continually sabotaged this team, alienating stars like LT and Vincent Jackson.  After making the playoffs by default in the atrocious AFC west for years, the rest of the division has finally caught up with them, and an up-and-down season during which they put up massive statistics, if not wins, ended with the Chargers watching in January.

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Fast Fifteen: Wide Receivers

Welcome to the First and Fifteen Fast Fifteen.  It will take in various things as the offseason and (hopefully) subsequent season roll on.  The first series will focus on five teams with the best and worst situations at each position group, plus five that could break either way.  Today we’ll take a look at the best and worst receiving corps in the NFL.  Note that this takes in tight ends, running backs and wide receivers.

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It’s First and Fifteen…

Hello, all, and welcome to First and Fifteen, a blog about all things football!  The middle of the playoffs might seem like an odd time to get started, but hey, why not?  We’ll be here through the rest of the playoffs and the offseason with observations, analysis and opinions.  Hopefully you enjoy the ride!