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Draft Needs: #3 Overall Buffalo Bills

I love the draft.  I really do.  Along with the Super Bowl, first week of the regular season, last 16 weeks of the regular season and the playoffs, it’s my favorite event in the NFL.  Leading up to the draft, I’ll be writing draft previews for each team.  As the draft draws closer and we know more about who will be available and all that, I’ll revisit each team.  But for now, we’ll look at each team, their needs and what they might do.  Next up: The Buffalo Bills.

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The Line: New England by 8.5

New England’s Key to Victory: As usual, Tom Brady.  The jets have a potent secondary, but if Brady is on, he will light them up.  And Tom Brady doesn’t have off days, so look for him to have a big day.

New York’s Keys to Victory: Predictably, stopping Tom Brady.  More accurately, slowing down Brady.  On top of that, they need Mark Sanchez to play like Brady, and he’s struggled with any kind of consistency all year.  With that said, he has good receivers around him, and New England has a young defense that can be tricked and exploited.  If Rex Ryan and the rest of the Jets coaching staff put together a solid game plan, they can pull off the upset.  However, they can’t afford the mistakes they made against a banged-up Colts squad.  They will have to play mistake-free ball in order to keep this from being another blowout.

My Pick: Patriots 35, Jets 21

It’s First and Fifteen…

Hello, all, and welcome to First and Fifteen, a blog about all things football!  The middle of the playoffs might seem like an odd time to get started, but hey, why not?  We’ll be here through the rest of the playoffs and the offseason with observations, analysis and opinions.  Hopefully you enjoy the ride!