Season Review: The Chargers have a hump to get over, and it has nothing to do with talent on the field.  AJ Smith’s roster and player mis-management has continually sabotaged this team, alienating stars like LT and Vincent Jackson.  After making the playoffs by default in the atrocious AFC west for years, the rest of the division has finally caught up with them, and an up-and-down season during which they put up massive statistics, if not wins, ended with the Chargers watching in January.

Look familiar? Williams could solve many of the Chargers special teams woes.

Needs: A pass rusher has to be high on the list, after Shawn Merriman has departed after being largely ineffective.  While they did notch 47 sacks, a stud linebacker or defensive end would help greatly.  Conversely, their secondary needs attention as well.  What they really need is anyone who will help them win games.  Horrific special teams killed them last year, so a sure-tackling corner or safety would help them greatly.

What They Should Do: Texas cornerback Aaron Williams has received a lot of attention lately, and there has been some debate as to if he should move to safety or not- either way, I think he is a perfect fit here.  He is a great athlete, and a solid tackler, and since their defense is actually solid already, they can have him play special teams and nickle downs while he develops into a more complete player at either position.  I am higher on him than most people, which means he’ll probably be here for them.  They do have other options, though- defensive ends Aldon Smith (Missouri) and Adrian Clayborn (Iowa) will likely be there for them if they go that route.