Season Review: The last few seasons have been an up-and-down affair for Miami.  A year after winning a single game, they made the playoffs.  Last year was something of a disappointment, as they struggled to keep up with the sheer firepower of the Jets and Patriots.  In one of the more bizarre twists of any NFL season, their lone home win came against the Titans, while they came close to defeating some very good teams, both home and on the road.  The up and down season ended with questions about if Tony Sparano would return, which he will, but only after the Dolphins lost out on Jim Harbaugh.  If this team can hold it together, they are pices away.  Otherwise, they have the potential to make a return to the top of the draft.

Needs: Something needs to happen on offense.  The jury is out on Chad Henne, but time is not on the Dolphins side.  Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, while dynamic, are not long for the backfield.  They have a solid line, and receiving corps, but they need to get the ball to those receivers and take advantage of the blocking there.  A solid draft for defense last year puts this squarely on improving the offense.

What They Should Do: Simply put, take the best offensive player available.  This pick is probably not a QB, as a lack of a sure fire prospect means that taking one will likely be a reach here- something they can ill afford to do again.  However, Mark Ingram is likely still on the board, and the former Heisman Trophy winner would be a great fit.  If Julio Jones is here, however, their receiving corps would benefit.  Another possibility is shoring up the line, as several tackles are still available.  Barring a monster combine, however, I expect Ingram to be the pick.