Welcome to First & Fifteens Draft needs series: For the teams outside the top 10, I am just going to preview their needs and who they might take, and drop the ‘what they will do’ part of it.  The draft is to fluid to predict who they will take- and lots of people try.  So what I will give you is a preview of team needs and what players should fill those needs.  I hope you enjoy!  On to the Texans:

Season Review: It started out so well.  A potent offense returned, and while some question marks remained on defense, the offense was expected to overcome them.  Those expectations were woefully misplaced.  The season opened in convincing fashion, with a 34-24 victory over AFC South juggernaut Indianapolis, which was followed by an overtime win in Washington- then the wheels came off.  Houston was humiliated in Dallas, and from there the best they had were a couple of close victories, but far more losses, both of which were characterized by one thing- inability to slow down a passing attack.  They enter 2011 with a defense- and new defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips- who have something to prove.

The Texans missed this sight in their secondary- Can Williams deliver it at the pro level?

Needs: The Texans face the quandary common to teams who ranks near the bottom of the barrel in pass defense- improve through pass rush or coverage?  Picking at #11, they are likely missing out on the marquee players at corner and defensive end- but fortunately for them, both positions are well stocked in this draft.  Amukamara (CB, Nebraska) could drop to here if he has a poor combine (and he recently said he will participate in all drills), but then I doubt Houston takes him- they can’t afford to miss with this pick.  Aaron Williams of Texas could fit the bill nicely (although a lot of scouts rank him lower), as he is a physical, aggressive corner- exactly what Houston needs.

On the other side of the coin are the defensive ends- and there are plenty to choose from.  Bowers is long gone by this pick, but Missouri’s Aldon Smith and Colorado’s Cameron Jordan are likely available.  This all comes down to what Phillips wants to do with this defense, who is available, and who they like- but I expect one of those three or four names to be the one Rodger Goodell calls