Another Super Bowl has come and gone, an excellent ending to an excellent year of football- let’s hope the CBA gets done and next year is as good.  So what did we see & learn yesterday?

  • Aaron Rodgers is as good as it gets.  There has been a lot of talk about getting out of Brett Favre’s shadow, and while it’s true, I don’t think it covers it.  To me, he got out of that shadow with the way he handled himself during Favre’s whole prima donna act.  What he did yesterday with a nearly flawless performance (24/39, 304 yards, 3 TD) puts him on the plane of Brady and Manning.  He’s just hitting his prime, and he’ll get better with time.  He’s not just out of Favre’s shadow- he casts his own now.
  • Big Ben finally brought his team down.  I don’t even think Roethlisberger is a bad QB, but his team has overcame bad performances in big games from him before (Super Bowl 40 leaps to mind), but not this time.  This is something that needs to improve if Pittsburgh is going to avoid a Super Bowl Hangover.
  • The best team in the NFL won.  This whole season, every time a team seemed to separate themselves from the crowd, they fell back to earth the next week.  Green Bay was far from perfect this season, but they certainly deserved to win.
  • Jerry-world is a disaster.  For $1.2 billion, he has a stadium that doesn’t have hot showers for the home team, and he keeps piling on publicity stunt after publicity stunt- and they fail miserably.  The seats that weren’t up to code lead to 400 paying fans being excluded.  The big stupid screen outside, which apparently people paid to watch.  The fact that it still didn’t break attendance records like JJ wanted.  This stadium is the epitome of the way Jerry runs a football team- all flash and no substance.