I saved the best for last.  Yes, I think the Green Bay defense is better than the Pittsburgh defense.  Not across the board, every situation, but in the Super Bowl?  These guys get the job done.  Let’s examine:

To see how the Green Bay defense got here, go back two years to the 2009 draft: at #9 overall, the Packers grab BJ Raji, Nose Tackle from Boston College, and then come back at 26 and get on of USC’s stub linebackers, Clay Mattews.  This  defense is not even at its peak in Super Bowl 45.  These guys will be terrorizing opponent for years to come.

Green Bay are masters of the lost art of just tackling

Raji is a force in the middle of the line.  He eats up double teams like they were candy, and still manages to apply pressure.   Clay Matthews and company are every bit as good as their Steeler counterparts.  The thing that Matthews brings that the Steeler offense will be unprepared for is his- really the whole defense- tackling ability.  It is, for the most part, a lost art.  But the Green Bay defense tackles people.  They don’t get overexcited about big hits, although they deliver their share.  They wrap up, and bring the man down.  There is no QB in the league that this is more critical against than Big Ben Roethlisberger.  His nickname is well earned, and he has made many a linebacker or defensive end look foolish as they set home, try to strip the ball, and come up empty.  When this Packer D strikes, they will be more than happy to bring him to the turf.

However, the bread and butter of the Steeler offense is the run, and Green Bay can handle that, as well.  Not only do their front seven wrap up and tackle, they have a secondary that is not shy about stepping up.  This will keep long runs to a minimum, and for Pittsburgh into third-and-long situations more often than they would like.

And that is what will win this game for Green Bay.  They want Pittsburgh in obvious passing situations, to get their pass rushers home and allow their excellent secondary to make plays.  Big Ben is a potent force, to be sure, espescially with a deep threat in Mike Wallace and a possession guy in Hines Ward, but the advantage has to go to Green Bay on this one.  One or two mistakes from Big Ben, and this secondary will pounce, and make them pay.