Season Review: As previously mentioned, I love the Washington Redskins.  Which, of course, means I hate Dan Snyder.  Actually, I don’t think hate even begins to cover it.  I hate mushrooms, lite beer and  people who drive to slow in the left lane.  Dan Snyder I want locked in a room with a TV that shows nothing but the last year of Redskins games on a loop.  The way that man- and I use the term loosely- has screwed every facet of this franchise is amazing.  I honestly believe Snyder is a huge Giants, Eagles or Cowboys fan and the only way he can help that team is by destroying a division rival.  So the season review is: There was a new coach who used to be good.  He sucks.  Overpriced free agents did not work out.  The ‘Skins are picking in the top 10.

What They Should Do: Obviously, this is something of a moot point, but let’s play GM anyway, and pretend this won’t end in unmitigated disaster, shall we?  So the Redskins need everything except a left tackle, who they drafted in Trent Williams after their last crappy season (2009).  Clinton Portis is as good as gone, so running back could be the call here, but Ryan Torain went off in Portis’ absence.  Their biggest need on offense is at WR, and Green is long gone by #10.  Julio Jones from Alabama fits the bill just fine, however, and he should be the pick here.

What They Will Do: Hopefully, draft Jones.  However, I have this sick feeling that they will draft Cam Newton.  I don’t know why, and he doesn’t seem like a Shannahan guy, but I think Snyder falls in love with him, and tells Smith& Co to get him.  God, I hate that man.