Season Review: As a Redskins fan, this gives me great pleasure to write: The Cowboys bombed. After a season started with widespread expectations of the first home-team Super Bowl, it quickly became apparent that even a playoff berth was questionable.  A dismal start to the season lead to Wade Phillips mid-season firing, and he was replaced by Jason Garrett.  My question is, why has no one questioned the fact that a Jason Garrett coordinated offense was inept, but when he made the move to head coach, it was suddenly dynamic?  MY money is on Garrett sabotaging the team badly enough to get Phillips canned, safe in the knowledge that he could run it effectively once he was promoted.  God, I hate the Cowboys.

LSU's Patrick Peterson has the big play ability JJ covets. But will he drop to #9?

What They Should Do: Ok, I’ll be objective here.  Dallas has a lot of very good pieces, and Garrett knows how to use them.  This pick will go far for them next year, assuming JJ doesn’t screw it up.  Sorry, objective, objective.  While their offense is potent, aside from Demarcus Ware (one of my favorite players, despite being a Cowboy), their defense is atrocious.  Lineback, safety and corner, in that order, are their biggest areas of need.  Von Miller is long gone, and Missouri’s Aldon Smith will be in play for sure, but with the DB talent on the board, that has to be the call.  I’ve said before Amukamara will shoot up boards, so he is probably gone, which leaves Patrick Peterson of LSU, who is currently ranked ahead of Amukamara by most people.

What They Will Do: Hopefully, for the Cowboys sake, Jerry Jones will have gotten the Matt Millen out of his system and won’t draft a RB or WR.  While that remains a possibility, I don’t see how they can get by without addressing the defense.  Peterson, if he’s available, has the big play ability Jones covets.  If he is gone, I would look for a linebacker or defensive end- Smith, or Cameron Jordan from Cal.