Season Review: Competing in the AFC South is a tall order in any season, and perhaps even more so given the parity in it this past season.  The Colts fell back to Earth in a lot of ways, and still ended up with the division crown.  The Jags had an unexpected strong season, and the Texans were expected to finally get over the hump and into the playoffs, but the worst pass defense in the NFL (there is a thank-you card from the Seahawks secondary) doomed them.  So where did that leave the Titans?  Nowhere, as it turned out.  off-field turbulence as much as on-field performance- or lack thereof- torpedoed this team.  Things finally came to a head with perpetual question mark Vince Young towards the end of the season, resulting in an ultimatum for owner Bud Adams- Coach or Quarterback?  He chose wisely, in my opinion, keeping Fisher, but even more than when he drafted Young, cutting him loose wil determine what happens to this team in years to come.  They brought in Randy Moss towards the end of last season to compliment rising star Kenny Britt, because, you know, Cortland Finnegan and Vince Young weren’t trouble enough.  Oh, and they played some football, too.  They didn’t do very good.

Most of the Titans struggles on both sides of the ball rest on Youngs shoulders

Needs: With Young on his way out, quarterback tops this list.  They could make a play for a veteran, such as Palmer or McNabb, but I think with the other pieces this team has, they would prefer to build through the draft.  While their defense was far less than stellar, the expected hire of Eric Mangini as defensive coordinator will help with that, and this is a deep defensive draft.  Look for them to go defense in the later rounds.

What They Should Do: I expect them to be very gun-shy with this pick.  They, like all teams in the draft, will have to look hard at Cam Newton, but the Titans, of all teams will shy away from any QB with off-field concerns.  Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert is tempting here, and depending on what happens between now and April, Ryan Mallet.  If I’m Tennessee, I go with Gabbert.  More upside, less question marks.  They need a high-character leader to unite a divided locker room.

What They Will Do: Their defense was 26th in the league, so that might be the pick here.  But their defense was also on the field more than any other- and that is a direct result of a bad offense.  They saw a lot of one-deep looks as teams could put eight in the box against Johnson with impunity.  They need someone who can consistently deliver balls to Britt and the other receivers and open up the defense for Johnson to return to ’09 form.  It may not be Gabbert, but this pick has to be a QB.