Over the next two weeks, every possible story line will be exploited, every aspect over-analyzed.  I am contributing by breaking down every aspect of both teams.

Big Ben will have to play better than he has in previous Super Bowls for the Steelers to win.

Overview: The Steelers game focuses on a strong running game and a lot of play-action passing, set up by said running attack. To say it works would be an understatement- in fact, Pittsburgh’s last Super Bowl came off a remarkably similar team- a tattered offensive line, that preformed when it had to. Big Ben Roethlisberger is at the heart of it all- the very epitome of a good-but-not-great QB who gets the job done when he needs to.  He has a strong arm,(usually) makes good decisions with the ball and can evade pressure with the best of ’em.  Even better, he is a hard man to bring down, and more than a few defenders have tried to strip him, which only gave him more time to make a play.  Rashard Mendenhall is playing some very good football, and will be a key cog as Pittsburgh tries to wear down one of the best defenses in the NFL.

What They Have to do to Win: Part of the glory of playing Steeler offense is it’s more about not losing than actually winning.  While it is true that their defense usually does most of the heavy lifting, their offense will have to score more than usual for them to get a seventh Lombardi Trophy.  The more they can keep Aaron Rodgers and their much more potent Green Bay counterparts off the field, the better.  Running the ball against Green Bay is no easy task, however, so quick, short passes will have to come into the mix.  Look for strikes down the field in more conventional running situations to try to catch- or put- Green Bay off balance.  Ben will have to take what the defense gives, or else they will make him pay for it, and it will put them in a hole they aren’t built to dig out of.