Caleb Hanie- Unexpected hero of the Chicago Bears

I have never seen a Championship loser as happy as the Chicago Bears.  As Caleb Hanie came off the field after being picked off by Sam Shields, teammates swarmed around him, hugging him and commending him.  His teammates responded to him on the field, as he did more for their chances of winning in a quarter of play then the two guys ahead of him on the depth chart had done all day.

He made great throws when he needed to, including great ones to Knox and Bennett.  He made mistakes- a pick six to BJ Raji, and the game clincher at the end.  But he gave the Bears a lot more hope than Cutler did, who went out at the half with a knee injury that caused twitter to blow up and demoralized his teammates.  After an ineffective Todd Collins came out, Hanie came in and injected some fire into the entire Bears team.

The Bears lost the game.  But they found something that will get them back to the NFC Championship- a quarterback with the strength, accuracy, smarts and heart to lead a team.  Color me impressed.