Season Review: After closing out 2009 with a winning streak, new president Mike Holmgren decided to keep Eric Mangini for one more year.  2010 was an improvement, but the single additional win was not enough.  There were positives from the season though: Peyton Hillis, an afterthought in the offseason trade that sent hometown boy Brady Quinn to Denver, was a monster at running back.  Joe Haden, last years top pick, is a premier corner, and Colt McCoy looks a lot more NFL ready than most people thought at this time last year.  If new head coach Pat Shurmur is any good, he will be able to do a lot with this talented roster.

Hillis was an unexpected bright spot for the Browns offense.

Needs: This is still by no means a short list.  Beyond Hillis, the RB cupboard is bare.  All-purpose man Josh Cribbs can only do so much, and while they have a collection of decent receivers, no one stands out.

What They Should Do: If he’s there, grab AJ Green.  They should have two draft cards ready to go: One that say “AJ GREEN” in really big letters, and a blank one, in case he gets draftedin the top five, in which case they should panic.  Robert Quinn(DE, North Carolina) is a possibility here, but his stock is questionable after being declared permanently ineligible.  Von Miller, Linebacker from Texas A&M could also improve to here as a hybrid linebacker could be a boon to this defense.

What They Will Do: I think this is where Green ends up.  He has all the talent to be a great one, but I don’t see him going in the top five.  If he’s gone, a pass-rushing OLB is most likely.