I love the draft.  I really do.  Along with the Super Bowl, first week of the regular season, last 16 weeks of the regular season and the playoffs, it’s my favorite event in the NFL.  Leading up to the draft, I’ll be writing draft previews for each team.  As the draft draws closer and we know more about who will be available and all that, I’ll revisit each team.  But for now, we’ll look at each team, their needs and what they might do.  Next up: The Buffalo Bills.

Season Review: Ah, the Bills.  Rebuilding projects are never easy, and they get harder when you play in a division with the Patriots.  To add insult to injury, they’ve watched as the other two teams in the division have effected rebuilding projects of their own and wind up in the playoffs in only a few years.  For a change, though, this season ended with some reasons for optimism.  Ryan Fitzpatrick, after bouncing around as a backup, stepped into the spotlight and stole the show.  Third year man out of Kentucky, Steve ‘the Joker’ Johnson had a breakout year, topping 1,000 yards for the first time in his career (not to mention 150).  The defense, however, remains dreadful.

Needs: Fortunately for Chan Gaily, he will most likely be crossing Quarterback off the top of his list.  The last thing the Bills need is another first round bust.  Aaron Maybin has been useless, and San Diego cast off Shawn Merriman didn’t see the field this year, and was ineffective in San Diego after getting popped for using performance enhancing substances.  A pass rusher has to be at the top of their list.

What They Should Do: Grab whoever is there between Clemson Defensive End Da’Quon Bowers or Auburn Tackle Nick Fairly.  Fairly has said he doesn’t want to play in the cold, but if Bowers is off the board, and he’s still on it, he may not have a choice.  Like Trent Williams and Russel Okung last year, this will come down to the wire.

What They Will Do: Hopefully get one of those two players, which will instantly make their defense better.  Given that there is still hope for edge rushers Maybin and Merriman, I would guess Fairly is higher on their draft board- sadly for them, he appears to be higher on Carolinas, as well.  There is also the very real possibility of Bowers and Fairly go one and two, leaving Buffalo out in the cold.  If that happens, expect them to grab AJ Green to stretch the field for offense.  Depending on his combine/pro day, I could see North Carolina DE Robert Quinn moving up to this spot- but I doubt three defensive linemen go top three with talent like Green around.