Another great day of football, although the late game was somewhat disappointing, Aaron Rodgers and Tramon Williams more than made up for that.  Here are my from-the-hip observations:

  • Baltimore/Pittsburgh never disappoints. The intensity of the rivalry is wonderful, and the fact that they’re both playing very well makes it a treat to watch.  Plus, I have no rooting interest, so I can just sit back and enjoy it.
  • Experience counts.  Winning quarterbacks (and I don’t believe in ‘quarterback wins’) have a combined 13years experience, while the losers have only six.  The composure of Rodgers and Roethlisberger showed towards the end of their games, while Flacco and Ryan both made mistakes that cost their teams.
  • Home teams, over the last five years, are 10-10.  That held up today, which means the Jets or Seahawks should win on the road- and the other lose.
  • Both championship games will be played outside, in cold weather.  It’s time to have the Super Bowl outside, in cold weather.  It’s how football it meant to be played.
  • Expect the Falcons to come back with a lot of fire next year.  They have a talented team, and it will be much improved next year.  But they were flat this year, and that fire will help them in years to come.
  • Green Bay is really, really good.