I love the draft.  I really do.  Along with the Super Bowl, first week of the regular season, last 16 weeks of the regular season and the playoffs, it’s my favorite event in the NFL.  Leading up to the draft, I’ll be writing draft previews for each team.  As the draft draws closer and we know more about who will be available and all that, I’ll revist each team.  But for now, we’ll look at each team, their needs and what they might do.  Next up: Denver Broncos.

Season Review: Like so many NFL teams this year, the Broncos had a very up and down season, but for the most part, it was down.  A 2-2 start in a overrated AFC West made them seem like a solid choice for postseason play.  Somewhere along the line, it all fell apart.  After being torn apart by the equally inept San Francisco 49ers in London, there wasn’t much hope left, and the offense that played so strong early in the season fell apart.  McDaniels was soon shown the door, and John Elway took over the VP of football of football operations gig, signalling (hopefully, anyway) a change for the better.  Time will tell.

Needs: The Broncos needs are actually more along the lines of having enough picks to bolster their rosters than actually having problems with their roster.  Horrible personnel discussions in the past have left the cupboard bare.  There was the ill-advised trade for Brady Quinn, which sent Payton Hillis to his monster year in Cleveland, and then the even more ill-advised trade back up into the first round for Tim Tebow.  Kyle Orton was stellar early in the season, and Tim Tebow stepped in late, but his highlight to date was a 40 yard run on a play play where he screwed up the hand off (I do not like Tim Tebow).  Elway has backpedaled from rumors of Tebow being traded out of Denver, but he might revisit that notion in the next few weeks when he looks at actually patching roster holes.

On the actual roster, their biggest needs lie along the O-line and secondary.  Their O-line is less than stellar, and the secondary is worse.  Syd’quan Thompson has potential, but is undisciplined and an off-field risk.  Champ Bailey is Champ Bailey, but will be going into his 13th season.  Ditto for Brian Dawkins.

What they should do: Draft Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska. He is smart, fast, and is a great all-around corner.  He will instantly make their defense better, and they desperately need that player.

What they will do: See above.  Barring a huge shakeup, I don’t see this going any other way.  Carolina doesn’t need a DB as badly as other areas, so he will be there for them.  Denver’s linebacking corps is solid, so they probably won’t be tempted by any of the pass rushers here, and I honestly don’t see a tackle worth the #2 pick in this class.  Patrick Peterson of LSU could also be in play- and many argue he is the best corner in the draft- and I think it will come down to who Denver likes better after combines and pro days.